The Women’s March is grounded in the fundamental values of sisterhood and solidarity. Our belief is that through unity and mutual support, we can emerge as a powerful force for change in Ukraine, with a primary focus on women’s rights. The core objectives of the March include achieving visibility and significance, as we recognize that impactful statements come from those who can make their voices heard.

Why women's rights and what we are doing

Since 2018, our engagement in nationwide Women's Marches has been dedicated to uniting women and organizing impactful events, particularly on March 8, to spotlight women's rights at societal and state levels.
While the Women's March on March 8 is a significant annual event, our commitment to the cause of women's rights extends beyond this day.
Over the years, we have actively advocated for the ratification of the Istanbul Convention. This involved creating petitions, sending letters to state committees, writing posts, and launching information campaigns, addressing the urgent issue of gender-based domestic violence in Ukraine.
Post-February 24, 2022, our efforts persist, but the focus has shifted to providing practical, targeted assistance to women in need.

Get help

Volunteers from the Women's March public initiative dedicate themselves to offering maximum support to women during times of war.