The Women’s March has closed the #ZANEI fundraising for Ukrainian servicewomen.

Within 1 week, thanks to offline and online campaigns, our team raised UAH 3,477,094, which exceeded the initial fundraising goal by almost 500 thousand hryvnias!

We report on the procurement of necessary equipment for our defenders.

UAH 3 250 000 was spent on:

  • 1000 ubacs,
  • 1000 combat boots,
  • 1000 sets of tactical underwear.

Procurement documents

UAH 209 200 was spent on the purchase of:

  • 300 pairs of tactical socks
  • 200 tactical T-shirts
  • 7000 disposable showers

Influencers, colleagues and businesses joined the #ZANEI campaign. Fundraising was reposted, and people became its ambassadors even when it was already underway. We raised money at the Koven Festival and during educational lectures for Ukrainian companies. This sisterhood collection once again showed how powerful the power of Ukrainian women is.

We support Ukrainian servicewomen!

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